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Visiting Serlachius museums in Mänttä


Autumn colours walk in Töölönlahti Bay

We wanted to picture fall foliage in Helsinki at its best, so we took to Töölönlahti Bay with a local Pirjo and her dog, miniature schnauzer Leo. Nordic walking, cycling, jogging, walk with a friend - the route around Töölönlahti Bay is one of the best and most beautiful walking routes Helsinki has to offer, in all seasons.
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Finnish holiday experiences - Around the country by bus

Our Austrian travellers, 18-year-old friends Viktoria and Viki, wanted to journey on their own, and to see and do as much as possible, still keeping to a budget. We arranged them a tour around six cities of Finland, experiencing each with a new, fun activity: cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, stand up boarding, climbing...
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Visiting Serlachius museums in Mänttä

Mänttä is a small industrial town but what makes it worth visiting are the Serlachius museums. Gustaf tells the story of G.A.Serlachius in an interesting way, Gösta is an arts museum with its own collections from the golden time of Finnish arts and the new pavilion with changing exhibitions of modern art.
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