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About us

How was Skafur-Tour born?

My grandmother, who was born in 19th century used the word Skafuuri. Skafuuri was some kind of a drawer. The word most probably originates from the Russian language “шкаф” as well as many other words in the Finnish language. My grandmother was very skillful in drawing out fascinating items from her drawer.

I hope to be able to do the same. To introduce you to activities and events, which open up opportunities to experience something new. To try a new hobby or your favourite hobby in a completely new environment. To experience complete silence or extreme enthuasiasm. 

How to enjoy Finland the most?

Combine city and countryside. Combine sea and land. Combine sports and party. Finland is a country of contrasts. It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. People seem distant but have a warm heart.

You can count on that everything works in Finland but sometimes it is hard to find out what to do, unless you’ve planned and reserved everything on beforehand. By acting spontaneously, you might find it hard to arrange all the activities you hoped for.

In spring 2013, an idea of a new type of travel agency was born. An online travel agency, which would bring easily available all types of activities, active holiday packages, events and parties. Also for people travelling on their own. For self-guided passangers and groups reserving their own flights or driving with their own or rental car.

Create a travel plan for your group

Use activity search on category pages in order to find and pick up exactly the kind of activities you want. The prices often get lower the more you are. We have available for you both excursions and activities taking a few hours, as well as full-board holiday packages. We have personally visited all the destinations and do know that the facilities and service meet our criteria. Please note that any package can also be tailor-made to fit just your needs,

You can add services to the travel cart in order to make your travel plan and see it as a timetable as well as a route on a google map as well. You can save the plan and send the link to your co-passangers and ask us to check the availability easily by sending in an order request with additional wishes. Read more about the purchase process: http://skafur-tour.fi/how-to-make-a-booking

Pay all your reservations at once online

Regardless of number of services ordered, you get one electronic invoice, which you pay in one or two installments. The number of installments depends on the total value and timing of the order.

All the necessary documentation will be delivered to you electronically. We are here to help you during your journey.

Take a look at the variety of our services. It is growing and changing daily!

Riitta Kiukas,
Skafuuri Oy

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  All (1022)   Adventure (40)   Arts & Design (10)   Christmas (4)   Cottage (34)   Cruises & Sailing (15)   Culinary (21)   Cycling (10)   Family holiday (24)   Fishing (20)   Golf (1)   Hiking & Snowshoeing (26)   History & Culture (25)   Husky & Reindeer safaris (28)   Indoor activities (3)   National Parks (13)   Nordicol (12)   Northern Lights (30)   Sauna (31)   Skiing (17)   Spa & Wellness (8)   Water sports (24)   Wildlife & Wilderness (13)   Winter activities (31)


  All (1022)   January (65)   February (60)   March (76)   April (59)   May (68)   June (93)   July (88)   August (92)   September (83)   October (42)   November (40)   December (55)


  All (1022)   Helsinki area (49)   Sea (13)   Lake (21)   Forest (25)   Lapland (89)

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