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Private offer/Lapland Tour 4.-13.1.

Private offer/Lapland Tour 4.-13.1.

Rovaniemi  is the regional centre of Lapland, yet a small town with only 62 000 inhabitants. Santa's Village is located at the Arctic Circle and  has always been a place, where people have taken photographs on their way to Lapland. In the recent years it has developed to a commercial Christmas Village, where they have Christmas throughout the year. 

Dream of Joulukka 6.1. (service provider informed about a change): Our jolly Professor Elves are excited to share some of the most essential Elf secrets and skills with you, so take part in their Santa’s Helpers Training and earn your very own Elf diploma. The magical Fairytale Path will then lead you to one of the best-kept Christmas secrets of all time: Santa’s special Command Center, where the Elves are already busy preparing for Christmas. And remember to hold on to your place on the Nice list, as you might just get to meet Santa Claus himself!

Santa's Village  itself is full of activities. The most interesting activities in Santa's village have been the miniature snowmobile riding (no need to prebook, pay on site) and the Winterzone of the Snowman's World, where you can try winter activities but as you will get to a much bigger toboggan slope in Saarselkä, I would suggest to consider trying the newest attraction there, the Moomin Snowcastle instead. All these activities take place outdoors.  

At the Santa Claus Holiday Village’s Gingerbread Club offers elf school, arts and crafts, baking, sledging, skiing trips and anything else Santa’s Little Helpers come up with. The Gingerbread Club meets during the Christmas season for two hours every afternoon. The Gingerbread Club activities are included in the children’s accommodation fee!

Santa Park again is an indoor Christmas theme park located next to the Arctic Treehouse hotel 2,2km from Santa's village. There is a shuttle bus working on the 26th but on the 24th and 25h you either need to walk there or take a car. In this rather small theme park you can hop on the Magic Train and travel through enchanting worlds,earn your very own diploma at Elf School, undercross the Arctic Circle and enter the cool realm of the Ice Princess, feel the crispy breath of winter in the Ice Gallery, enjoy the jolly Elf Show on the main stage, send your Christmas greetings at our buzzing Post Office, and decorate cookies in the cozy kitchen of Mrs. Gingerbread.

Sampo Icebreaker tour  takes place in Kemi, 1h40min south from Rovaniemi. Kemi is a small industrial town by the Gulf of Bothnia and it is know as a pioneer of all snow castle hotels. Later on they added the Sampo icebreaker. This year they have an ice restaurant open throughout the year but as there are snowcastles and ice bars also in Santa's village, you could even skip this and have lunch elsewhere, for example the railway station cafeteria or the wamr restaurant of the Snow castle.Lunch is not included in price any more so you can choose on site  To get onboard, you will need to drive to Ajos harbour, which is the starting point of the cruises. The alternatives for Andrew are listed but will not be booked yet. 

The icebreaker cruise includes a guided tour onboard  and an ice-floating experience. Please note that a person, who takes part in the floating must be over 145cm tall! Ice-floating can be arranged also in Rovaniemi but this is the closest location for icebreaker tours. 

Saariselkä  is one of the best cross-country skiing areas in Finland. It is loctaed next to the UKK National Park, which extends eastwards from Saariselkä through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland all the way to the Russian border. The remote fell of Korvatunturi is in UKK National Park. The Finns believe Santa Claus lives there, not in Rovaniemi. Snowy nature is unexceptionally beautiful in this area.

Polar Aurora Cabins  are log cabins owned by a local couple Jaana and Mika. They are servicing the cabins and cleaning them daily. A breakfast package including basic ingredients for a healthy breakfast is included. The cabins are located in Kakslauttanen area, not far from the bus stop so it is very practical to arrive here by bus and the us tour from Rovaniemi is 1h shorter than to Ivalo for exaple. You will be busy with winter activities here.

Northern lights hunting by reindeer 3h  takes you at a local reindeer farm. You will hear about reindeer herding and take a 50min reindeer sleigh ride in the darkness. This is an exciting experience for children with or without northern lights. 

Husky safari 4h is one of the highlights of each tour not depending if the respodent is a child or an adult. Guesthouse Husky is located in Ivalo. You will be mushing to a Lappish hut, having delicious lunch prepared by your wilderness guide and then change the one mushing. Children sit in sleigh warmly covered. After the safari, you can stay at the farm and participate in feeding the dogs. 

Muotka Wilderness Lodge  has served skiing guests long. It used to be the guesthouse of the Finnish post so this is how I learned to know the bauty of this place long time ago. It is not that far from Saariselkä but far enough to be isolated in forest. The year is huge and it is possible to use toboggans provided by the hotel. The restaurat as well as standard rooms are located in the main building and the panorama log cabins, sutes and aurora cabins each in their own area. Ski-tracks and snowshoeing tracks pass the hotel. 

This is now the right place for spending downtime, free of tight schedule so we have not placed a single pre-booked activity here. 

Cross-country skiing  is a national sport in Finland. Children typically learn to ski at the age of 2 so it seems like they would be born with skis in their feet. It is very easy to learn but you do need some co-ordination skills, which children normally naturally have. You will be trained by a professional skiing instructor from the Finnish Skiing federation owning the Kiilopää trekking centre. The hiking centre serves lunch and they also have a small shop there in case you need some snacks for the hotel. it is also possible to eat pizza.

Saariselkä toboggan slope and snowshoeing trip have been left out of the costs for the reason that in January it can be extremely cold. For tobogganing (Winterpark 25€/adult, 18€/child) you need a milder day but snowshoeing (rental cost 20€/day) you can also do on a colder day on your own as a short tour as it keeps you warmer.  If it is extremely cold, you can always go to te Angry Birds  (family tickee 50€) activity park or spa. You have free time for these activities on Thursday 9.1. or  Sunday 11.1. You can get to Saariselkä from both places for 35€/one way. 


LAPLAND TOUR 4-13.1.2020


  • 4 nights in a cottage with separate bedroom in Santa Claus Village
  • 3 nights in a log cabin with 2 bedrooms in one floor
  • 2 nights in Muotka Wilderness hotel (preliminary booked now)  in an aurora cabin


  • 6xhotel breakfast, 3xselfmade breakfast (ingredients available)
  • 7xdinner (2 dinners in rovaniemi not included in order to give you freedom to choose) 
  • 2xlunch (husky-safari,Kiilopää)

Transfers: airport transfers, transfers in Saariselkä, bus from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen and now also a car rental for one day 


Sat 4.1.

  • 17:40 arrival at Rovaniemi airport
  • hotel pick-up
  • hotel half-pension meal (included)
  • night in Santa Claus Cottage A

Sun 5.1. Santa's village

  • breakfast
  • Santa's village, we can arrange a birthday surprise in one of the Santa's Village attractions (Snowman's Winterzone or Moomin Snow Castle for example)
  • Santapark visit (any time between 10:00 and 17:00 by foot or shutlle bus)
  • Gingerbread Club for children in the afternoon 2h 
  • free choice of dinner, no prebooked dinner
  • night in Santa Claus Cottage A

Mon 6.1. Santa Claus

  • Breakfast
  • 9-12.30 Dream of Joulukka
  • time for looking around in Santa's village (you can visit the Moomin ice castle if you like 30€/adult, 18€/child OR Snowman's World 25€/person) and for children to participate Gingerbread club if they like
  • free choice of dinner, no prebooked dinner
  • night in Santa Claus Cottage A

Tue 7.1. (this is the only day there is a cruise during your stay)

  • breakfast
  • 10:00 getting yout rental car (not included in price, you can rent one at Santa's village so you will get it there:  https://www.santaclausholidayvillage.fi/en/car-rental/
  • 10:30 drive from Rovaniemi to Kemi
  • no prebooked lunch
  • 13-13:15 drive to Ajos to get the cruise passengers onboard
  • alternative activity for Andrew not booked until very last minute: a) cross-country skiing 1h30min 14-15:25 = 72.30€,  b) snowmobiling to check the traditional fishing net 14.30-16:00 = 164€ (230€ solo) -> this included now, c ) Introductiion to snowmobiling 1h 14-15:00 = 96€ (145€ solo)
  • 14-17:00 Sampo cruise Lisa + children
  • pick-up by car from Ajos
  • drive back to Rovaniemi
  • no prebooked dinner
  • night in Santa Claus Cottage A

Wed 8.1.

  • breakfast
  • by bus nr 8 to the Arktikum bus stop (payment to driver)
  • 10-11.30 visit at the Arktikum 
  • 11:30 taxi taking you back 
  • 12:00-14:51 bus from the Santa's Village bus stop to Kakslauttanen
  • your host or hostess meeting you at the bus stop
  • catering dinner waiting for you in the cabin 
  • 19-22:00 aurora reindeer safari (by combining reindeer and aurora activity we wereable to decrease costs)
  • night in a log cabin 

Thu 9.1.

  • breakfast
  • free day to do, what you want depending also on weather (get to Saaariselkä by bus or book transfer from your host and get to Winterpark or rent snowshoes and make a snowshoeing tour on you own)
  • 17-19.30 special dinner in Lappish hut
  • night in a log cabin 

Fri 10.1.

  • breakfast
  • 10:30 transfer to the husky farm close by 
  • 11-15:00 husky safari with lunch
  • 15-15.15 transfer back to the cabin 
  • 18:00 transfer to restaurant Laanila
  • 18-19:30 3-course dinner in Laanila
  • 19:30 taxi picking you up to the cabin 
  • night in a log cabin 

Sat 11.1.

  • breakfast
  • 10:00 transfer to Kiilopää dropping luggage to Muotka on the way
  • 10:30-12:00 cross-country ski-school
  • 12:30-13.30 lunch at Kiilopää
  • 13:30-14:30 more sking if you like - or longer lunch
  • 14:30-14:40 transfer to Muotka widlernesss lodge taking skis with you
  • 18-20:00 dinner buffet
  • aurora cabin with 2 extra beds

Sun 12.1.

  • breakfast
  • time to do, what you want: rent snowshoes, go tobogganing next to your hotel or take a taxi to Saariselkä
  • 18-20:00 dinner buffet
  • aurora cabin with 2 extra beds

Mon 13.1.

  • breakfast 
  • 11:30 airport transfer 
  • 13:55 flight back home via Helsinki 
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Group size min 4
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Month December
Timing 4.-13.1.
Duration 10 days
Meals Meals according to the sample program
Accomodation family apartment or cabin
Service Provider Skafur-Tour
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