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National Park Tour:Repovesi,Linnansaari, Koli and Punkaharju

National Park Tour:Repovesi,Linnansaari, Koli and Punkaharju

National Park Tour is a self-drive holiday in Finland. Skafur-Tour has made holiday planning easy for you, you simply choose out of ready-made 1, 2 or 3 day active holiday packages and move the chosen "building blocks" to your travel cart. You can choose out of three routes Lakes, Lapland and later also Archipelago. We can also book for you a Sixt rental car (up to 9 people). Are you traveling with a dog? Ask for pet friendly cars.
Repovesi National Park (15km2) together with the private Aarnikotka Strict Nature Reserve (14km2) owned by UPM is located in the area of Kouvola and Mantyharju. You can find there large forest areas as well as high cliffs and tens of smaller and bigger lakes with translucent water. The fauna is versatile. There are red-throated divers, flying squirrels, owls, lynxes, pine martens, elks, otters and beavers living in the area.

Pihkapirtti  is lodge cottage located by a lake called Mustalampi in the middle of the Repovesi National Park, on the opposite side of the hill Mustavuori. The are no other cottages by the lake. Please note that the cottage has no electricity, the toilet is outdoors and you take care of cooking yourselves.  Driving to the cottage is allowed for one car only. There is a parking place for the other car/s at the Saarijärvi entrance of the National park.

Activities in Repovesi National park:

1. Kayaking trip  starts from the Kuutinlahti canoeing base, which is located less than 1km from your cottage. The guide will meet you there and take you out on the lake.  Alternatively you can choose a guided hiking trip with a return by boat.

2. Afternoon in a Finnish way: First sauna & swimming, then barbeque by open fire.

Linnansaari National Park  consists of hundreds of islands and islets on Saimaa, on home waters of Saimaa ringed seal. Here you will see the lake nature at its best: wide lakeviews, islands, cliffs, and behind them flourishing groves. On the main island Linnasaari you can climb up to hill Linnavuori, where you can admire the wide lake views. Also recommended is to visit the nature heritage center Oskari in Rantasalmi.

HakoApajan Aikhituvat are the life's work of Esa Heiskanen. The main building called Aikhitupa has been built of 1000-4000 years old logs lifted from the bottom of the lake next to Aikhituvat. The logs of the additional part of the building again are beams used in the early days for timber rafting. In summer time there is and exhibition in the other half of the building. Many interesting artefacts, for example a weapon cache were found during the construction time from the bottom of the lake. These artefacts combined with the ancient history tell you about the past of the region. Exhibition outside shows, how log can be prosecced by hand and what can be created out of it.

You will stay in small cottages by the small lake next to Aikhitupa. The to cottages we mainly use are called Louhenkolo (2-4 people) or Kivitasku (4-6 people). If the group is bigger than 8 people, also other cottages available will be used.

There is a cafeteria open daily from 12 o'clock serving delicious pacakes every afternoon.Each cottage has its own rowing boat. In addition you can rent a fishing set. The price for fishing permissions, fishing gear and life west is 22€/day.

Järvisydän Holiday Resort  is located within walking distance from your accommodation by lake Saimaa. There you can have a meal in a restaurant, visit a lake spa and rent even a motor boat if you like. The wildlife boat tour leaves from Järvisydän.  

Activities in Linnansaari National Park: 

1. Saimaa Ringed Seal Safari

The wooden boat cruise takes you to the Linnansaari National Park. During the trip, we will search for the places, where Saimaa Seal lives, slovely and smoothly, and on top of that we will observe Osprey nests. Saimaa Ringed Seal is an endangered creature, which lives only in Lake Saimaa. In the beginning of the summer it's best time to spot the seal, as they are often laying on the rocks. But with our professional guides you'll have a good change to see the seal during the open water season.

The wooden boat cruise takes you to the Linnansaari National Park. During the trip, we will search for the places, where Saimaa Seal lives, slowly and smoothly, and on top of that we will observe Osprey nests. It's possible to see the other birds during the cruise as well. After the safari, we head to the Kaarnetsaari island, where we enjoy coffee and snacks and you can see an interesting movie about the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. The trip can be combined with a dining.

2. Visit to the exhibition of Esa Heiskanen: see, how the main building was made out of timber found in the bottom of the lake. 

3. Smoke sauna experience: try another kind of sauna with mild steam, swimming in natural water

Koli National Park  is also called the national landscape of Finland.Why? Its views have inspired artists over the years and the landscape has been written, painted and composed in numerous pieces of part. The hills are remains of the Karelidian chain of mountains formed almost 2 milliard years ago. The highest point of Koli hill chain as well as whole southern Finland is called "Ukko-Koli", which is located 347 meters above the sea. A chain of narrow islands created by the withdrawing ice-cap at the end of the ice age 11 000 years ago runs through Lake Pielinen from north-west to south-east.

Activities in Koli: 

1. Hiking tour of grand Koli and little Koli (2,5-3h) starts from front of the Ukko-Koli heritage center.The guide will first take you to see the famous views of Ukko, Akka and Paha Koli. After that you will continue to the meadows of Mäkränaho, where you will be served a nature's own energy drink to get strenght for the way bak passing the little Koli.

2. Island adventure  starts from the Alamaja harbour restaurant. First you will take a boat to Hiekkasaari island. You will walk the islands from end to end and splash from island to island. You are not in the water but you might get some water on you. In a group the journey is pure fun enjoying the lake and the great views of Koli!  Please note, that in case of bad wheather such as thunderstorm or heavy wind, the trip must be either moved to another time or cancelled. If cancelled, you will get your money back for the island adventure. 

Punkaharju ridge  has attracted nature tourists already for over 200 years.On the other side of the ridge you can see lake Puruvesi and onthe other side is glisterning lake Pihlajavesi. The ridge has a fascinating history, both from the perpective of nature and culture. You will hear more about it on a guided walking tour in the area.

Lusto  is a national museum and science centre of international importance focusing on Finnish forest culture and illustrating the interaction between man and the forest from the past to the future. Lusto's exhibitions, events, work demonstations and theme days provide a diverse and illustrative insight into the significance of forests in the life of Finns. Next to the museum there is the Punkaharju arboretum entailing over 150 hectares of research forest, consisting of more than 50 species of trees, mostlu conifers. From 30 000 to 35 000 people visit the museum yearly.

Hotel Punkaharju  was opened in 1845 as living quarters for the foresters and lodging for travellers.In 1898 a separate building called Czarina's Villa was added. Amazing views open up towards the lake and if you follow the path downhill, you will find  a log sauna and a pier down by the lake. 

Hotel restaurant is known for their fish dishes, which naturally are prepared of fresh fish. We have included in your package a three course dinner, which you can enjoy even outside if the weather is good. 

Activities in Punkaharju: 

1. Guided walk observing the sights of the extraordinary Punkaharju esker.You can do it in the Finnish way by Nordic walking and walk peacefully, purposefully, taking a break now and then to admire the surrounding nature or you can have a cycle tour.  

2. Cruise on s/s Punkaharju 1,5h: this steam ship was built in Savonlinna in 1905. Cruise leaves from Punkaharju harbour daily  and takes you through the labyrinthine of islands to Savonlinna and will show you the Olavinlinna medieval castle from waters so close that you may take photos of the castle.




  • 2 nights at Pihkapirtti:1 bedroom+sleeping places upstairs on a loft (arrival after 12 am, departure by 10am). Please note! There are blankets and pillow but you need to take linen with you as well as groceries and clean the cabin yourselves after usage
  • 2 nights at HakoApajan Aikhituvat: a traditional Finnish summer cabin with 1 room & sauna, no running water, barbeque facilities, chemical toilet
  • 2 nights at Villa Käränkä in Koli: 3 bedrooms, kitchen, sauna, running water
  • 1 night at Hotel Punkaharju: forest cabins, shared shower in another building


  • 5-hour guided canoe tour including the equipment (kayaks also available but would need to drive to another starting point ao pay a bit more to get them closer to you)
  • 3-hour wildlife observation boat tour (=Saimaa ringed seal, osprey)  
  • 3h hiking tour 
  • 1,5 hour swimming adventure (or a canoe tour)
  • entrance to forest museum
  • nature walk at Punkaharju ridge (alternative self-guided cycle tour) 
  • cruise on lake Saimaa to Savonlinna (you wll see a medieval castle from the waters)

In addition to all this, you can hike in the neighborhood, use a rowing boat, angle, pick up berries, warm up the sauna and swim in the lake.

4.7. Start of the national Park Tour

  • drive to Saarijärvi entrance of the National Park of Repovesi
  • visit a grocery store on the way
  • 14.00 get the cabin keys and drive to the cabin
  • maybe a short hiking tour to see the Olhava rock (a popular climbing location)
  • Finnish afternoon: sauna,swimming, barbeque


  • day paddling tour on lake Repovesi with a lunch break (bring your own snacks) 5-6h
  • Finnish afternoon: sauna,swimming, barbeque


  • clean the cabin
  • by 11.00 depature
  • arrival to Hako-Apajan Aikhituvat
  • visiting the exhibition, maybe pancakes for lunch (you can also have salty filling)
  • maybe dinner at Järvisydän restaurant on the other side of the hill


  • 10-13.00 boat tour to Linnansaari National Park
  • maybe lunch buffet at Järvisydän
  • walk back to your cabin
  • smoke sauna and swimming


  • check-out (cleaning included here)
  • drive to Koli National Park
  • get the keys to the cabin in the village and visit a grocery store
  • drive to your cabin
  • barbeque
  • maybe a short rowing tour on lake Pielinen if weather is good
  • sauna and maybe swimming (a hill down and you come to the beach)


  • hiking 
  • lunch at Alamaja (not included so you can choose what you want)
  • splashing from island to island swimming adventure


  • drive to Punkaharju OR continue to Lieksa and have a night observing wldlife (see product description on the right hand side) OR river rafting at Ruunaa rapids
  • visit to Lusto forest museum 
  • hiking or cycle tour on the ridge
  • dinner (included)

11.7. or 12.7. if you took an extra day

  • breakfast (included)
  • drive via Lappeenranta to Helsinki

LOCATION: roundtrp by rental car in eastern Finland
Airport: Helsinki-Vantaa
Rental car required: Sixt car bookable by Skafur-Tour.


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