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Practical information

Practical information


In Finland it is forbidden to sell alcohol for people under 18 years. A minor must not even hold in her/his position any alcohol drinks. In stores the cashiers must ask for identification papers if a person looks less than 30 years old. Please always keep the ID with you!

Alcohol drinks with less than 5,5% of alcohol are sold in normal grocery stores. Stronger drinks are sold only at special stores called  “Alko”. It is allowed to drink alcohol in public only in restaurants with alco-license. In public places it is basically forbidden to drink alcohol, however you can drink your own alcohol in parks if you do not disturb anyone.

Please note that in many of our party recommendations we mention if the premises have an alco-license. In case not, you are typically allowed to bring your own alcohol to a private party.

Banks and payments:

In Finland people use very little cash. For most services you can pay with the most usual credit cards. However on market places, farms and when visiting events you should have cash with you. For parking and many other automates you may need 2€ or 1€ coins. 

Buses and public transportation:

In cities the public transportation is excellent and it is easy and safe way to move around. For visitor it is most economical to buy a ticket for one or more days. You can use it for all the transport.

Journey Planner for the Helsinki district: http://www.reittiopas.fi/en/index.php

Emergency: 112


Embassy of UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy-helsinki

Embassy of USA: https://www.visawaiver.com/us-embassy-in-helsinki-finland/   

Every man’s rights

An Everyman’s Rights tradition provides people in Finland unparalleled opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the bounty of the forest. Everyman’s Rights also apply to visitors from abroad.

Moving about in natural areas does not require the landowner’s permission, nor are the privileges enshrined in Everyman’s Rights subject to the payment of any fees. Anyone may freely pick wild berries, mushrooms and plants, with the exception of a few species protected under environmental laws. It is forbidden to cause any damage to the nature, for example cut trees or branches. 

Permitted activities:

  • Collecting wild berries, mushrooms, flowers and most herbaceous plants; rowan and juniper berries may also be collected.
  • Gathering pine cones, dry twigs or other such natural products from the ground.
  • Walking, skiing or cycling anywhere apart from on cultivated land or in gardens or yards.
  • Traversing and camping temporarily on someone else’s land.
  • Fishing with worm bait and ice fishing.
  • Boating, swimming and washing in inland waters or the sea.

Prohibited acts:

  • Removal of bark, branches, leaves, resin, sap or cones from a growing or fallen tree.
  • Removal of moss, lichen, wood, shrubs or peat from someone else’s land.
  • Cutting down grass.
  • Traversing and staying overnight on cultivated land or in someone’s yard.
  • Lighting an open fire on someone else’s property without permission.
  • Littering.
  • Fishing or hunting without permission.
  • Driving a motor vehicle off marked tracks or roads without the landowner’s permission


Fishing fees

National fisheries management fee
This national fee is a form of taxation. The funds raised through the fee are used to benefit fish stocks and fishers in many ways. About a third of the funds are used to manage fishing waters.

The fee must be paid by anyone aged 18-64 fishing in Finland – unless you are only ice fishing, or fishing with a simple rod and line (without a reel and lure). 
The annual fee (valid until 31st December) is €39. 
The fee for one week is €12 and 1 day 5€. This gives you a permit to fish for seven days from the day of payment or another date specified on the receipt when the fee is paid.

In addition to proof of payment of the national fisheries management fee, anyone aged 18-64 practising lure fishing must either have permission to fish from the owner of the fishing rights to the waters, or proof of payment of the provincial lure fishing fee. 
The provincial lure fishing fee is €31 per calendar year, or €7 for seven days (beginning on the day of payment or another date specified on the receipt when the fee is paid). 


Health problems in Finland:

In the following document there is the best information package in short:



Over-the-counter drugs can be purchased from the pharmacist’s (“apteekki”). Almost in every shopping centre there is one. In small villages for example in Houtskär there is often a so called “medicine cabinet”
often located in a store. You can get the most usual over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs can be delivered there.

National parks

Best information about the National Parks in Finland you can find :



When parking outside and if he sign mentions the time you can park free of charge, you need a so called ”Parkkikiekko” (parking disc, which you use for showing the time parking started). You can find these in grocery store nearby cashiers normally.


Police is called from the nationwide emergency number: 112

More information about their services:


Speed limits

The traffic rules are strict and the speed limits are to be followed. The general limitations are:

  • 120 (100 winter time) motor ways
  • 100 (80 winter time) highways
  • 50 city area
  • 40 city centres
  • 30 very small roads

Many of the highways have traffic cameras, which take a picture of your car if you drive too fast and a ticket will follow.

Waste management

Waste management services are run locally by municipals or local waste management companies. Some basic information about recycling:

  • cans and bottles are all recyclable, please take them to the recycling automates at grocery stores, you’ll get a refund (=you’ll get a receipt which you’ll give at the cashiers
  • carton boxes, glassware, newspaper&magazines as well as batteries have got their own recycling points (very often close to big stores and called “jäteasema”)
  • for household carbage, please read the instructions given by your hotel/cottage owners
  • do not leave any carbage in the nature or on the streets, always use the garbage bins

Thank you for saving our nature!









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