Privacy Policy

Register keeper:
Skafuuri Oy, Reharinteentie 161,12400 Tervakoski. Finland

Person in charge for the register:
Riitta Kiukas, riitta (at)

Name of the register:
Customer register of Skafuuri Oy

Purpose of the register:
Personal information is necessary to collect and is handled in travel arrangements, invoicing, collecting payments, marketing and customer service.  Personal information is collected also for statistical purposes.

Content of personal information registered:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth (obligatory for flight and ferry bookings)
  • Company number (if a business client)
  • E-mail address
  • Skype name
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Order data
  • Information given by the customer for marketing and for taking care of the customer relationship

Regular sources of information registered:
Only information about customer order requests and orders are registered in our back-end system. The source of information is the client. 

We reserve the right to use cookies on our web site. Cookies are used for collecting anonymous visitor information for improving the functionality and usability of the web site as well as for targeting our marketing on web. Your permission is asked, when entering our site for the first time.

Giving out information
Skafuuri Oy is not selling out any customer data. Customer data is given out only to the service providers, who need the data for performing their tasks (f.ex. name lists of group passangers).

Principles of register data protection:
The data system of the register keeper is SSL-protected (Secure Sockets Layer) and the data files are protected by technical protection tools generally used by companies. The usage of the register requires a personal user name and  password, which are granted only for the personnel of the register keeper or for people, who need the maintenance rights of the register in their work and who have signed a contract of secrecy.

Storing of register data:

Customer order data is stored for maximum 7 years.  If temporary customer data such as names, sex, nationality and birth dates of the traveler group is required for booking flight or ferry tickets for them, this sort of temporary information is deleted within 6 months from the end date of the tour. 


Customer online payments take place in a secured payment system provided by Checkout Finland Oy. No payment card data is handled by Skafuuri Oy/Skafru-Tour.

Delivery of confidential travel documents and personal data: 

Skafuuri Oy/Skafur-Tour uses e-mail ancryption, when sending or asking client to deliver confidential information such as participant lists or flight tickets.